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Kyle Beats Drip VST Plugin Review (By Weaver Beats)

I've been getting requests to review this one for a while, and lets just say I finally decided to oblige. And let's also just say I want my money back, but I can't get a refund and still review it because that'd be pretty cruel. Okay so what is Kyle beats drip plugin, well it's a multi effect chain plugin designed to help you quickly make your sounds sound cooler with just a couple clicks. No literally, that's how they market it, just two clicks and its done boom. Explosion. So let's just say going into this I was already incredibly skeptical, but I gave it a chance just like I do every plugin I encounter.

Let's get the positives out of the way, it doesn't cost too much at roughly $47 USD at the time of writing, it also functions pretty decently and has some decent presets here and there.

Now onto the negatives, and boy there are quite a few. Firstly, we are limited to less than 50 presets, and a good chunk of them sound pretty similar. You can actually remake quite a few of these with just some saturation, chorus and delay/reverb. I did so in the attached video, it won't always sound the exact same but for most of these you can actually get really close with just your stock DAW effects and nothing else. Another thing I don't like about this plugin is how everything is renamed to some buzz word like "heat" or "spice" It is literally the opposite of what a beginner should be using, beginners need to learn what the effects are and how they effect the sound. There's no real reason to be renaming the saturation knob to the heat knob, you are literally just making it harder for noobs to learn.

Another big negative about this plugin is the ad campaign, if you can consider that being apart of the plugin. If you are at the point where people are focused more on the ads than the plugin, than you might have taken your ad campaign a bit too far and this plugin is not immune to this problem by any means.


If you want to hear a more detailed review, watch the attached video on Weaver Beats youtube channel!


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