Mixing and Mastering Tip #006

Harmonic exciters are great tools, sometimes you want to use them drastically, and sometimes very minimally (Especially in mastering.) A great trick is to put a harmonic exciter on a send, set it up, and turn up the send/return a few clicks and adjust to taste ;)

Mixing and Mastering Tip #005

It's great to have stereo instruments in your song, it's also important to have mono instruments or less stereo based instruments as well because it will give a sense of contrast and make the stereo instruments sound even wider!!

Free Wave/Phonk Sample Pack

The label I am apart of just released a free sample pack, here's the soundcloud demo featuring three of our artists. I recommend checking it out, especially if you make wave or phonk music, since that's what they were geared towards.

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Mixing and Mastering Tip #004

Always check your mixdowns and masters in mono, I usually check before I mix/master and after I mix/master as well as after doing any drastic change throughout the process (especially if it involves heavy eq or stereo/panning. I will give you a few reasons you want to do this, everyone wants a wide and interesting mixdown, but most of the people hearing your song are going to hear it in mono. Also when you play it in the club it'll be playing in mono usually. This may seem like something tweaky and tedious but it happens more than you think. I've had open hi hats that sounded way off in mono, and also panned/delayed pads (for stereo effect) that sounded weird in mono. I only discovered h

Mixing and Mastering Tip #003

If you decide to do your own mastering, a great tip is to make sure the algorithm on the EQ is set to "Linear phase." Linear phase will help prevent any phase issues from being caused by the EQ.

Mixing and Mastering tip #002

Parallel compression is a great way to help your mixdown's drums get more power and/or cut through the mix. This technique can be used in so many ways.

Mixing & Mastering tip #001

Cutting highs in your vocal reverbs can help cut down on simbilance.   Putting a De esser before the reverb is another good option also. #Bloomdailytip

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