What is Reverb? When to use reverb?

A reverberation or reverb is created when a sound or signal is reflected causing a lot of reflections to build up and then decay as the sound is absorbed by the surfaces of objects in the area. Reverbs effects are always at play.. Both in the actual world and in music production. Controlled use of reverb can make the difference between a professional recording and something that sounds like it was recorded in a bedroom, adding depth and fullness to the sound. Reverb has great uses, some of my favorites are.. 1) Give instruments a sense of space in the mix 2) Create a contrast between dry instruments in a mix If you want to learn more watch my video on it down below!!

I not only provide cheap audio mastering services, I also fix beats!!

As many of you guys may or may have not known, I am not only an audio engineer who provides cheap quality audio mastering, I am also a producer who posts on youtube at least three times a week!! One of my series on youtube is called "fix your beats please" where i fix up my subscribers beats in video format and send the project back to them. I openly welcome more submissions, send your demos/projects to fixyourbeatsplease@gmail.com. In the most recent episode I fixed up Flayvi's phonk track for him, going for basic and core fixes rather than creative fixes/twists. I fixed up the eq on the drums, I basically deleted all of it and went for something more simple, mainly boosting the hi's.

Learn how to make a samiyam type beat!!

Today i'll be showing you guys how to make a samiyam beat from scratch using Ableton live 10 and only the synths we have at arms reach. I'll be using ableton live 10 and my ableton push. We'll break down how he makes his music and how we can approach doing a similar style of music. This is a great way to challenge yourself to level up your production. So make sure to watch the full video above!!

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