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I not only provide cheap audio mastering services, I also fix beats!!

As many of you guys may or may have not known, I am not only an audio engineer who provides cheap quality audio mastering, I am also a producer who posts on youtube at least three times a week!! One of my series on youtube is called "fix your beats please" where i fix up my subscribers beats in video format and send the project back to them. I openly welcome more submissions, send your demos/projects to

In the most recent episode I fixed up Flayvi's phonk track for him, going for basic and core fixes rather than creative fixes/twists. I fixed up the eq on the drums, I basically deleted all of it and went for something more simple, mainly boosting the hi's. I also warped the sample in Ableton Live and had the drums from the sample layer with the trap drums. I also deleted the old bassline, and reconstructed my own using 808s and my keyboard. I adjusted the general levels and mixing of it quite a bit to make everything pop more, and that's about it really. Watch the full video down below!!

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