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Izotope RX8 Unbiased Review - Better Acapella and Guitar Tools!

Izotope Rx8 is the new post-production tool from the creators of Ozone, Nectar aswell as Neutron. It can be used for many things ranging from acapella creation, to guitar cleanup, noise reduction and everything in between or related.

My favorite things about rx8 are probably the music rebalance tool, the dialog isolate tool is pretty nice for cleaning up video dialog. The De-ess tool is a solid but easy to use de-ess tool that I find myself using often. The breath control and ambient match tools have both saved me and my videos and vocals quite a few times.

They could definitely improve on the price, and maybe hopefully the music rebalance algorithm can go a step further also. The standard version runs for $299 which is not an insane price, but not exactly a friendly price either, the Advanced version has a bit more features too and I dont know if I should even say how much that one costs.

If you want to see a full in depth review, watch the video I posted below.


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