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Spleeter vs Izotope RX7 [Which is best for DIY acapellas?]

Have you heard about the new AI technology called spleeter made by the company deezer? well i heard its the new talk of the town as far as acapella tool technology goes. So I decided to do a video comparing Deezers Spleeter versus the old vocal isolation king Izotopes Rx7. Izotope RX7 is an audio repair tool that wasnt created solely for the purpose of vocal isolation but is able to be a strong competitor at it thanks to the music rebalance tool. It does a pretty good job at it too, ive made use of it many times over the past year or two. I saw a video by dylan tallchief recently about how to use this tool and i thought itd be cool to compare the two ways of isolating vocals. I used 15 different songs of different genres, ran it through both softwares and posted the results in this video.

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